FIFAR Equipment Donation to Risborough Rangers FC and Risborough Rangers Junior FC

July 23, 2021 / GlobalizeMe / News

FIFAR (Friends In Football At Risborough) through its membership and fund raising via Golf days and entertainment nights out have donated this piece of equipment to Risborough Rangers and Risborough Rangers Junior Football club.



Why should you record your football matches?

1) Tactical analysis with video
Video is your gateway to tactical analysis. With video, you can analyse your team’s performance and clearly see the patterns of the game. And don’t have to rely solely on your memory and ability to perceive every little detail while coaching and inspiring your team to win.

2) Personalised visual feedback for every player
Players are visual learners. Seeing themselves play rather than being told is more likely to produce positive results. And every player from top-flight Sunday League deserves the possibility to fulfil and explore their talent, big or small.

3) Share highlights and strengthen team cohesion
Part of every team’s culture is the memories of great wins, bitter defeats and everything in between. Video can give the memories a little help and strengthen the stories and culture of your team and club.

4) It’s easy to record football matches
Recording football matches has never been easier. With Veo, you only have to set up the camera and press the button. The camera does all the work.

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